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Workshop with Janeen Horne

Yamaji Art artists spent the day at the studio of local Geraldton artist Janeen Horne who shared her knowledge surrounding dispersal dying and tyvek beading.

This was a very new and exciting process for everyone as it was a new type of medium for the artist to explore. Artist  used stencils, rubbing of surfaces, negative and positive transfer and layering of designs onto synthetic fabrics.

When doing dispersal dying we used dispersed dyes and fabric crayons to create and draw designs onto Lithograph paper. Our designs were then transferred onto a variety of transparent, opaque and thin synthetic fabrics using the heat from an Elna press. Once transferred onto our fabric you then had an unique piece of fabric that could be either used to stitch with or made into bags.

Janeen also taught Our artist how to make tyvek beads. Tyvek is a material that looks like paper, but is a high-density fibre’s so it looks like plastic but is soft like fabric and extremely strong. It can be heated and distorted but since it has fire-proof properties it does not burn but rather melts around the skewer, secured with  glass beads, ribbons other synthetic materials and fine wire. Once the design is completed it is heated with a heat gun and melted until it is hardened to a bead.

Lots of creativity and yarns were flowing through out the whole day! Colours were plentiful with everyone creating unique fabrics and beads for use in textiles and jewellery.

Thank you Janeen for hosting us at your studio!