Arts Leadership Program

Yamaji Art believe that artist should be given as much professional development opportunities to develop not just as an artist, but as individuals.
Yamaji Art Manager and emerging artists met with arts lecturer Peta Riley to discuss how Yamaji Art can partner with the local Central Regional TAFE in Geraldton to develop an arts based Leadership course.
After a few weeks of discussion, the group of 7 young girls aged 18-26 began the course where they would learn 6 core units based on leadership skills with electives centered around textiles and ceramics. During the 15 week course the girls learnt and improved on their skills by producing a range of Handmade ceramics, porcelain jewelry, hand printed cushions, silk scarves, table clothes and tea towels. Artist didn’t just create artwork but also learnt about working in the arts, promotion of their works and how to price products to have a sustainable arts practice.
The group of Young women had worked hard to get their textile range up and running in time for the annual Darwin Aboriginal Art fair in August. As well as the handmade textiles and fabrics, the girls worked with digital designs to develop a range of fashion hand bags, tote bags and pillow cases.

Once the course had been completed the girls got the chance to exhibit their works at the Regional TAFE’s Gallery, where the girls Graduated with a Cert I in leadership on July 4th 2019.
The program gave these girls many number of skills, such as when exhibiting their work in the Tafe gallery it then gave them training in exhibition procedures and an insight of how to curate an exhibition space. Another result of the course was that it helped work on the young women personal and profession development which then gave them more confidence as practicing artist.