Craig Pickett-Emu in the sky

Houtman 400 Festival Projection

Yamaij Art artists, Barbara Merritt, Gemma Merritt, Susan Merry, Craig Pickett and Wendy Jackamarra had their artwork projected onto the local Queens Park Theatre in support of the Balayi-Open Your Eyes! Houtman 400 Festival in July 2019.

Houtman 400 Festival is a celebration of the 400th year anniversary of the discovery of the Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton.

Narrated by one of our Elders, Kevin Merritt, Yamaji art had the chance to share their Aboriginal perspective of cultural stories Pre-discovery by talking about how Yamaji people viewed the skies and their sky stories.

Susan Merry 'Seven Sisters'

Susan Merry ‘Seven Sisters’