Beau Simpson

Emerging Artist selected for Aurizon Commission

We wish to extend a congratulations to Beau Simpson and Lily-Mae Kerley for being the emerging artists selected by the local Aurizon branch to be commissioned for artwork on their two vehicles
It’s great to see our young and emerging artists being approached and them taking up such opportunities
Artwork stories
Beau Simpson- The land we walk on
Each circle represent a different community, The brown lines joining the circles represent the tracks. All dots and colours in the background represent the different colours of our land. The two large blue lines represent rivers. The 2 boomerang represent Aboriginal cultural endurance and the large centre meeting place represent all the different cultures of WA, and how we work together as one.
Lily-mae Kerley -Journey across country
This artwork shows the journey across country. In the background you can see the tracks of the 42 freight trains that run a week, the large inner circles show the two Narngulu depots, east & west, as well as the smaller ones to show all the different communities they transport grain through. Travelling through Mullewa, Morawa, Mingenew, Carnamah, Coorow, and Perenjori
Also a big thank you to the team at Aurizon in Geraldton