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This paintings story started back when I was 17 years old and was experiencing a period of stress and upheaval in my life. One of my aunties took me back to country to help heal and ground myself. When on country at Point Anne on Menang country I sat on the edge of some rocky cliffs looking down and out to sea just feeling really lost. All of a sudden a whale came up close enough for me to make eye contact with it. It was like the whole universe was staring back at me and it just made all my worries feel like they were really small and I just knew everything would be ok. I’ve always held on to that moment when ever things ever start to feel overwhelming.

Mamang (whales) are also a very important cultural totem for Noongar people so I felt very connected to my ancestors in that moment. Much later in life, when exploring concepts for this exhibition I downloaded a night sky app that allows you to star gaze. When looking about the sky I came across “cetus” the sea monster depicted as a whale on the app….it sat right alongside my birth star sign. It was as if my connection to the whale was always written in the stars and mean to be. I still look out for the Mamang when things are tough. It always appears somehow. As sticker or logo on a car, a whale charter advert on social media or an out of place ornament in a second hand shop. It’s always there when I need it most

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