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This painting is about mixed memories of the bush & Geraldton as a child.
Memories of seeing Tallering Peak from Mullewa – you can only see a little bit of it from Mullewa now after the mining, I saw it close up a lot as a child when we travelled to Wandina & Urawa Stations where my father worked. Memories of all the wildflowers in the Mullewa bush. We would go out for family days out and have
a cook up and my sisters and myself would sit amongst the abundant thick patches of everlastings and our mother would make wreaths for our head. Afterwards when we took them off, my mother would hang them on the walls as a floral decoration.
Memories of bush walks in the Greenough River near Tallering Peak and seeing all the kangaroo tracks & little pools of water. Memories of seeing all the banksia in Geraldton.
The three meeting places in this painting is Northampton, Geraldton & Mullewa where I have lived in

-Leeann Kelly-Pedersen

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