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The land and sky are connected in many ways which all connect back to culture of Yamaji People.  My mother and aunties taught us kids about the sky and how we can read it to tell us about bush tucker – especially when emu nesting time was near.  Our families would then go out from Mullewa for the day.  On these trips my mothers brother (my uncle) would lead us smaller kids and teach everyone (girls and boys) how to track the emu for eggs.  How to recognise the different tracks when the emu was trying to trick and lead others away from their nest. As we got older we were expected to hand this information on through the generations.  I paint to keep these stories alive and to remind everyone of the responsibilities we have in this changing world towards our cultural knowledge.

Artist: Charmaine Green

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 125 × 158 × 4 cm
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