BORN: Perth


LIVES: Geraldton

I am one of eight children, the daughter of Rosemary Ogilvie/Councillor and Bernard Pilkington, I was born and lived in Perth until 16, then moved to Broome and the Kimberley where I lived for most of my adult life just over 40 years. my mum wanted to come home to Moonie Mia, so I agreed to move with her.  I love the fact that I now live on my mother’s country and my traditional lands, and with my family, but more that I am where I belong.

I am a painter I indulge in Abstract and sometimes dot painting.  All of my work has a story, sometimes others stories, sometimes my stories, and sometimes the story of the country and the hidden rhythms of the land. Sea and sky.  I also pander to my own expressionism, in my art, art that tells my own stories, about grief, loss, renewal and life.  At times I couldn’t express what I was feeling, so I painted it, and it made me feel like telling the story, helped me to move on.  So, my art is unique and I paint to suit me and my mood, space and emotions.  It had been called eclectic.   I do love the sense of escapism when I paint, and I really do chill out, when I am creating these pieces

My father taught me to paint, I’ve painted most of my life and have shared my art with family and friends for many years. I use Art as a means of relaxation and stress relief.  I find that painting allows me to express myself through the medium.  When I was in Parliament, the first year I spent 41 nights in my own bed, so I used art as a means of relaxing enough to sleep and calm my thoughts before bed, I now paint because I enjoy creating the many stories shared with me over my life, in many different parts of the country

I paint the stories I’ve learned in my 65 years, and the many places I’ve been and the Culture, Lore and Stories I’ve learned from my Elders.  The medium of Painting is one of the ways I tell their stories and to express how I see an ever-changing world.  I paint about the places that are important o me and my family.  Wild Flowers, the Ocean, trees and the landscapes mixed with the ancient stories of our old people as told by our Elders, stories I’ve had the privilege of hearing since I was a small child. I also paint what I see and believe textures and touch are a part of sharing our art with others

“I have been called a “Trail Blazer” and I suppose that’s right, I have achieved several firsts in my lifetime; First Woman in my family to travel overseas, first member of my family to complete a university degree; first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Shire of Derby West Kimberley and the First Aboriginal Woman to be elected to any Australian Parliament.  I was also inducted into the Victorian Women’s Honor Roll, Wine of the Emily Award in 2001, Winner of the Australian Women’s Council Award in 2001, and I was inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame in 2022”



Solo Exhibitions

2000 Art Exhibition in Broome – ALP

2005 Art Exhibition in Broome – ALP

2008 Art Exhibition in Broome  – ALP

2010 Art Exhibition in Melbourne – Emilys list

2014 Art Exhibition in Beijing – China

2016 Art Exhibition in Greenough

2020 Commissioned piece $20,000

2021 Commissioned Piece $10,000

2022 Art Exhibition in Geraldton – Market Creations

2023 Unveiling of the Mural – Geraldton – Chapman Road


2023 Unveiling of the Mural – Geraldton – Chapman Road

2023 Commissioned piece $10,000