Together, walking beneath the night sky

This exhibition bought together 10 Artists from both Yamaji barna and Noongar boodja, who together celebrated the night sky by sharing stories of their culture, childhood memories, time on country and how their individual belief systems all share the common thread of being connected to the night sky.

Attendees on the night were all captivated by the varying styles of artworks that saw Senior, Established and Emerging artists create 19 artworks full of colour!

Artist Include: Barbara Merritt,, Sheryl Green, Jennifer Green, Charmaine Green, Margaret Whitehurst, Margaret DanischewskyNaomi Danischewsky,Roni Kerley, Nicole DickersonLily-mae Kerley

Original Artworks

Reproduction prints

All reproduction prints are printed on Ilford Photographic paper with a 4.5cm white matte border, mounted onto a 3mm foam core