Lily-mae Kerley

Lily-mae Kerley

Lily-mae Kerley

BORN: Geraldton,WA

LANGUAGE GROUP: Menang Ngadju Noongar

LIVES: Geraldton, WA

Lily is a Menang Ngadju Noongar/Badimaya Yamaji woman born and raised in Geraldton, WA.  Lily’s current practice reflects her time with her family and being out on country. Lily likes to express her stories through various mediums such as textiles, lino printing and Painting.

In Lily’s work she likes to use the colours of country, all the way from the earthy browns and ochres to the bright pinks of wildflowers,right to the deep blues and purples of the ocean.

Starting out as an emerging artist one of Lily’s first medium she began working with was Silk, she would use different dying techniques to dye silk scarves. This then led onto making designs on lino where she would carve them out and print them onto the Scarves.

Lily has also recently just Took up painting, when painting She uses acrylic paint on canvas. Her paintings style is  contemporary with dot technique also used, but in a more contemporary way.

 Lily loves to create, she believes it helps her to strengthen her connection to culture and share her stories.

“I like the arts because it is all very different depending on what area you are from and how it is used to strengthen our culture and share our stories. I am looking forward to meeting other Artist and workers from different art centers.