Nicole Dickerson

BORN: Geraldton, WA

LANGUAGE GROUP: Amangu, Naaguja, Wilunyu and Ngarluma

LIVES: Geraldton

Nicole is a Yamaji Woman from Geraldton Western Australia with connections to the Amangu, Naaguja, Wilunyu and Ngarluma People.

Nicole always had an interest in being creative since she was young, always drawing and being creative. As she grew up she become more interested in painting, she gets a lot of her creative ways from her Dad.

While studying numerous art courses at TAFE Nicole learnt a lot of skills & techniques that she continues to use in her current practices. Nicole has also exhibited her artwork in numerous exhibitions and has been chosen to publicly display numerous artworks throughout the community. Throughout Nicole’s journey as an artist she has partnered with a company to have a range of products created, as well started her own small business, Nikki Dee Designs. Nicole’s art has a contemporary influence and strong ties to her community. Sharing stories of times spent at special places and memories of family traditions has shaped who she is an Artist. Bold bright colours and intricate line designs compliment the contemporary dot patterns she employs revealing the poetry in her story her soul and her strength.

Nicole’s style is very unique. It is bold, poetic and she always puts her soul into everything created, which is evident in her artwork, it’s her form of healing, it’s her strength. It’s her words when she cannot speak and most importantly it’s her story.