23/544-Bush tucker


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This painting is about the rainy season & the warmer months picking bush tucker.
In the warmer months we go out on country and look for quandong trees to gather the quandongs. We make jam, tarts, cakes with the quondong or just stew them to use in a dessert. When cooked they taste like rhubarb. The quondong is red when ripe and it has an edible nut inside that tastes like almond. I make quondong necklaces from the nuts. The Gargula or Cogla grows on vines on the trees after the rain, they are also known as the bush pear. You can eat the green flesh inside after you peel the outer skin off. The smaller one’s are the sweetest and the older one’s sort of taste like corn. The old people used to throw them on the ashes
then eat them.

-Leeann Kelly-Pedersen

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