Wadbi, Winilya (fish, fish)


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Artist: Charmaine Green

When we catch wadbi or winilya (fish) off the Geraldton coast one of our favourite ways of cooking them is by smoking the fish in a camp oven.  This brings the family together as we clean, prepare for drying, smoking and then eating.  There is always a good yarn around the   Maori ways of preparing the fish and our way of using a camp oven to smoke the fish.  My Yamaji family come over for a good feed of wadbi or winilya and swap yarns about our daily events and food. 

(note)  Wadbi ( Wajarri term for fish) Winilya (Bardimaya term for fish).  I belong to the Wajarri and Bardimaya peoples of Murchison area Western Australia.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 4 × 59 cm
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